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SB187 Progress Update – 4/20/16

Posted over 4 years ago by Rebecca Thibodaux

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SB187 Fact Sheet (140 KB)

As you know, on Monday, April 11, 2016, the Louisiana Senate successfully advanced SB 187 after an additional amendment was passed on to the bill. The amendment limits the exemption from the collaborative agreement only for NPs practicing in areas designated as primary care health professional shortage areas. The previous amendments for 2000 hours of practice prior to eligibility to apply for the exemption and the legislative report on impact of these changes after 3 years remain part of the amended bill.

As you may recall from the AANP NP State Practice Environment Map, Full Practice Authority designation requires that NPs in all geographic regions and in all practice settings not be required to hold an agreement with another provider in order to practice.

While this bill is no longer Full Practice Authority in its current version, we will continue work with legislators to move in a positive direction.

What's Next?

Now that SB187 has passed the Senate floor, the next step is to go to the House Health & Welfare Committee. Currently, the House is still hearing House bills. Once they finish considering all the House bills, they will start hearing Senate bills. We will notify membership as soon as our bill is scheduled to be heard in Health and Welfare.

In the meantime, we need everyone to contact their Representative and educate them about our bill and ask for their support.

Through this process, we have received feedback from our legislators and lobbyists regarding the most effective means for contacting legislators.

Listed from most effective to least effective:

  1. Meet in-person
  2. Phone call conversation
  3. Personal email (but keep it short) - Find Your Legislator's Contact Information Here
  4. Voter Voice Message (An action alert will be sent at the appropriate time.)

We understand that for some an in-person meeting is not always feasible.  However, we encourage you to follow this guideline as best you can in order from 1-4.  

Attached above are some additional documents you may find helpful when talking to your legislator.

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