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SB 187 - Progress Update

Posted over 4 years ago by Rebecca Thibodaux

In an effort to clarify some of the feedback and questions we are receiving from our membership, please read the following update detailing the progress of the bill.

What happened Wednesday?

As recommended by Senators and our lobbyists, two amendments were added to the bill on the Senate floor. One to extend the number of hours needed before working without a collaborator from 250 hours to 2000 hours. The other amendment was a three-year legislative re-evaluation to review progress and safety. Both amendments passed. However, as you know, the bill did not pass the Senate floor. Immediately after failure, the bill was scheduled for reconsideration on the Senate floor today, Monday, April 11, 2016.

Progress to Date

Additional recommendations made by our lobbyists and legislators suggested that we consider another amendment to remove the CPA in underserved areas (HPSA/MUAs). After discussion with the lobbyists and the LANP Executive Board, we are requesting to add this amendment in order to move the bill forward.

IF we were to attempt to move forward without the amendment and are successful passing the Senate, we know the legislators on the House side would add it anyway. Then we would have to return to the Senate to approve the amendment as the Senate is where the bill originated.

It is important that all our members understand that our intent was to include the entire state. Even though it is NOT our intention to disallow anyone, we know that it will. That said, it appears that this amendment makes the bill more palatable to legislators who were on the fence and therefore, the only foreseeable path forward.

What happens next?

If the bill moves through the Senate floor today, the next step is to go to the Health and Welfare Committee on the House side and on to the House floor if passage continues. It will then go to the Governor's office to be signed.

If this bill passes as amended, the CPA will be removed in areas that are considered HPSA/MUA's. You can determine whether you are located in a HPSA/MUA designated area by entering your address here

This does not mean that this is a permanent solution, but rather a step in the right direction. If this bill passes as amended, we will go back to the legislature to remove the HPSA/MUA requirement.

There is still a lot of work to be done! We ask that you please continue to support our efforts by monitoring your emails, contacting your legislators via voter voice, phone calls or personal emails.  NPs are also welcome to be at the Capitol today at 3pm on the Senate side.