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2016 Legislative Session Update

Posted over 4 years ago by Rebecca Thibodaux

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As you may know, the 2016 Legislative Session has started. LANP Health Policy Committee, our lobbyists and staff are fully committed to ensuring a successful session.  We can't reach our goal without full engagement of nurse practitioners who are committed to the advancement of the NP profession.

We need your help!

First, a quick update:

  • Through the coordination of various nursing stakeholders, legislation giving experienced nurse practitioners the option to no longer have a collaborative practice agreement with a physician has been completed.
  • We've secured two legislators --Representative Tom Willmott (HB620) and Senator Regina Barrow (SB187) to file our bills. See attached bills.
  • An additional consultant has been added to assist with marketing and gathering individuals and groups to testify in our support.
  • This past weekend, members of the health policy committee, board members, regular and student members met to review all healthcare related legislation to build a slate of bills that we will track throughout session.  

Here's what you can do to help!

Reach out to your legislators to initiate conversation, discuss our issue and ask for support. Email, call or visit. We especially need members whose legislators serve on the Health and Welfare Committees in the House and Senate to be contacted and informed about our bills (HB620 & SB187).  Please find the attached a pre-written letter (above) to send to your legislator to request a meeting.

If you don't know who your legislator is, please use this tool to find your legislators and contact them. For your legislator meeting, a bullet list of talking points is also attached.

If you have already reached out to your legislator, we appreciate your hard work and ask that you let us know what happened! Have you heard from your legislator?  Have you met with your legislator?  How did it go?  You can email us directly at or   Let us know so we can update our lobbyists.

Also, join us on Wednesday, March 30 for NP Day at the Legislature.  Registration information is here -->

As always, any questions, comments or feedback, please contact us at