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Louisiana Action Coalition Launches Nurse Leader Institute

Posted almost 5 years ago by Rebecca Thibodaux

The Louisiana Action Coalition for the Future of Nursing announces the launch of its Nurse Leader Institute.  The Nurse Leader Institute offers an opportunity for new nurse leaders and emerging nurse leaders to develop fundamental leadership skills from proven nurse leaders dedicated to contributing to the future of nursing.  This first opportunity will allow participants to network and learn from some of Louisiana's best!

The Nurse Leader Institute is geared to strengthen leadership skills for registered nurses across the spectrum of the health care delivery system and academic settings as well.  While some of the content is directly related to the institutional setting, the knowledge transcends to other settings.  Individual activities can be related to your personal experience.  The Nurse Leader Institute is designed to give managers tools they need to be successful in a leadership position.

The Nurse Leader Institute is a five-day intensive program to help you develop long-lasting, effective leadership skills. Whether it's human resource issues, customer-service concerns, implementation of quality and patient safety initiatives, budget analysis, cost-saving mandates or building your influence as a leader, you will gain new perspectives and solutions for the difficult challenges you face on a daily basis.

For details including dates, location, content, registration fees, click on this link:

And there is more:

Individuals completing the Nurse Leader Institute will be eligible to participate in a nine-month mentorship program during which each will be matched with an experienced nurse leader in their area of practice/interest. Those nurse leaders successfully completing both the Nurse Leader Institute and the mentorship program will be recognized as a member of the Circle of Leaders through the Louisiana Nurses Foundation, Inc.

Are you already a seasoned leader?

Data from the Louisiana State Board of Nursing indicates that over 14.9% of Louisiana registered nurses currently holding manager/administrative positions will retire within 5 years.  It is critical that we invest in grooming new individuals to succeed these retiring nurses and develop a system for support for those serving in managerial position in today's healthcare environment!

Encourage your emerging leader by giving them this opportunity!