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LANP Encourages NPs to Enroll in the Prescription Monitoring Program

Posted about 5 years ago by Rebecca Thibodaux

The Louisiana Board of Pharmacy developed and operates a state-of-the-art electronic system, the Louisiana Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP), that monitors controlled substances and other drugs of concern dispensed in the state or to an address within the state. The Louisiana State Board of Nursing recognizes and supports the evidence that such programs are effective in reducing drug diversion, improving clinical decision-making, and assisting in curtailing the drug abuse epidemic.

In continued efforts to ensure advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) meet standards of practice and utilize prescriptive authority in a prudent and responsible manner, the Louisiana State Board of Nursing strongly and actively supports and promotes utilization of the PMP. The program is available to APRNs as a valuable tool in serving and protecting the health care needs and welfare of the citizens of Louisiana. The PMP also assists in maintaining the integrity of prescribing practices.

Specific benefits to enrolling in the PMP include:

  • Prescribers can verify details regarding the controlled substance prescriptions that have been provided to specific patients.
  • Compliance with pain management contracts can be verified.
  • Prescribers can verify the controlled substance prescriptions that are being filled that are affiliated with their DEA registration numbers to clarify patterns, identify potential fraud, and correct discrepancies.
  • Prescribers have an opportunity to identify and assist patients with addiction and substance abuse disorders.
  • Patterns of "doctor shopping" can be identified. A definition of "doctor shopper" is defined in LA R.S.40:971.B(1)(i) and is considered unlawful.

Prescribers with controlled substance privileges who wish to obtain authority to directly access PMP information must visit and select the Register link on the left side of that page. If
you are already registered, you may also wish to select a delegate to assist you in accessing the system. Go to the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy's website at then select "(PMP) Prescription Monitoring Program" then "Delegate Registration Instructions for Prescribers and
Dispensers" for further information.