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NP Student Research Survey - Pain Management

Posted over 5 years ago by Rebecca Thibodaux

Dear LANP Members,

My name is Sarah Nanjovu currently in the Family Nurse Practitioner Program, inviting you to please participate in the pain management research survey. I chose to do my research on pain management because despite decades and millions spent in health care, pain is less researched yet it is the number one reason individuals seek medical attention.

The purpose of this reach is to investigate the attitudes and perceptions that exist among nurse practitioners in pain management. This study is fully voluntary with no monetary rewards, you are free to withdrawal at any point while completing the survey. The questionnaire will be in Survey Monkey and participant responses will be kept anonymous. The expected benefit with your participation is the opportunity to share you r experiences in hopes data gathered will lead to improvements in quality patient care.

Please click the link below to access the survey. Thank you.

Please don't be shy to email me with any questions (, and you may also contact my Instructor Dr. Rhonda Hensley @


Sarah Nanjovu, BSN-RN, FNP-S

Grambling State University