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LSBME Rules - Keep Contacting Your Legislators!

Posted almost 6 years ago by Rebecca Thibodaux

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Quick update:  We have not heard anything yet regarding whether or not an oversight committee hearing will be scheduled.  The next LSBME board meeting is scheduled for 10/20, 21.  We hope to possibly know more after this meeting.  In the meantime, we ask that you continue to contact legislators regarding this issue.

In case you missed it--the next step in the rule-making process is to ensure an oversight committee hearing takes place to discuss the LSBME proposed rules.  This committee is composed of both the Senate and the House of Representatives Health and Welfare Committee members.  It is crucial that each legislator on these two committees is personally contacted by a nurse practitioner and collaborator from their voting area.

Most effective forms of contact ranked first to last:

1. Face to face scheduled meeting with the legislator

2. A personal phone call with the legislator

3. Letters written to the legislator from the nurse practitioner discussing how their patients will be affected.

Attached is a list of the members with contact information as well as a form letter for your convenience.

To find your legislator, please follow this link: