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Elections Update

Posted 21 days ago in Advocacy

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Qualifying for the 2022 election cycle wrapped up on Friday. All the US Representatives and Senator Kennedy's seat are up for re-election. U.S. Representative, Congressman Mike Johnson, was the only sitting Congressman to win with opposition. This allows him to help his friends across the country while everyone else is running their re-election campaign.  Public Service Commission elections are on the ballot for District 3, currently held by Lambert Boissier III, and District 4, held by Mike Francis. Special elections on the ballot include Senate District 5, vacated by Sen. Peterson and Senate District 17, vacated by Sen. Ward. In addition, there are a number of judicial and local races. For qualifying by parish, click here.  Based on the outcomes of the fall elections, there may be open house seats which in turn will require a special election. Attached is a document with all the statewide and multi-parish elections and who qualified.