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Online Renewal for Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS) Licenses

Posted 3 months ago

From the LA Board of Pharmacy:

The Board of Pharmacy is pleased to announce the implementation of online renewals for CDS licenses. The option for online renewals will first become available to advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) with a CDS license expiration date of August 2020 and beyond.

APRNs holding a current CDS-APN and expiring in August 2020 will receive their renewal notice by mail during the first week of June 2020. The notice will provide the username and password for online renewal and instructions for obtaining a paper application should the practitioner prefer that method. Please note that technical difficulties with the online renewal function will not excuse a delay or failure to renew, since paper application forms are available at our website. The online renewal option will not be available after the expiration date of the license.

Upon receipt of the renewal card please visit complete the following steps for online renewal:

  • Select the Renew a License option under Action Items.
  • Under Renewal of Credentials click the blue link labeled HERE.
  • Select the option to Login in the upper right corner of your screen. Do not select Register.
  • Use the username and password supplied by our office to login.
  • Select Create or Resume Renewal on the left of the screen.
  • Read each screen carefully and provide accurate answers.
  • Upon completion of the renewal form, select the option to Pay Invoice and enter your credit card information.
  • There is an option to print a receipt; if that is important to you, please do so then. It is not available later, either to you or to the Board staff.

When the online renewal is complete and the invoice is paid, the CDS license status will change to “Renewal in Process”. Licensing staff will verify the primary license and prescriptive authority as well as the active DEA registration. If there are any problems with verifying required credentialing, the licensee will receive an email to resolve the issues. Upon the completion of processing, the expiration date of the credential will advance to the following year and the status will change to “Ready for Printing”; the credential is valid for practice at that moment. When the staff prints the license for mailing, the status will change to “Active.”