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NP Foundation golf tournament cancellation

Posted 4 months ago by Charles Mercer

Hello everyone,
On behalf of the Foundation we want to extend our sincere thanks for all you are doing during this pandemic to care for your patients. We want you to know that each of you are in our prayers.  We pray you stay safe and remain healthy. Take care of yourselves. 
A few of us met last week and decided that the best option for the Foundation was to cancel the golf tournament. With the pandemic and all the mandates in place, the economy, and if we are able to lift the stay home mandate, companies are going to be more concerned with getting their business up and running as opposed to donations. As it currently stands, the stay at home mandate is to last until April 30th. Even if companies had the resources to donate or sponsor, it would be hard on our part to get everything together to get the tournament off the ground in time.  Because of these reasons, we decided to cancel it rather than postpone it. 
We are considering going with the $5,000 raffle at the conference if we are able to keep it scheduled. We would be selling raffle tickets leading up to the conference and draw winners at the PAC party on the Friday evening of the conference.   If we do have to cancel the conference, we could still do the raffle. So we plan to start the raffle this summer. The date to start has not been determined. 
We do want to try and give away the scholarships, it still yet to be determined how many, so please if you are interested in one of the scholarships, APPLY!!!!!!   More information can be found on  The deadlines are fast approaching, and we don't have any applications.
Again, please everyone, be safe and practice social distancing and good handwashing.  
Betty Vicknair and Chuck Mercer