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Nurse Practitioner Foundation Fundraiser (Golf Tournament)

Posted 6 months ago by Charles Mercer

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Save the Date!!!

Hello Everyone:

The Louisiana Nurse Practitioner Foundation (LNPF) is excited to announce a golf tournament fundraiser. The date is Friday, June 12, 2020, at 1:00 pm.  The location will be in Alexandria, LA at Oakwing Golf Course which is part of the Audubon Golf Trail.  The tournament will benefit the foundation with proceeds funding the scholarships awarded annually to RN to NP students, NP to DNP students, and monies toward reduction in student loans. 

So……..what do we need, you ask?

We need teams!  This will be a 4-man team event with a $400/team entry fee.  The more teams we have the bigger the benefit for the foundation.

We need volunteers!  Volunteers will be needed to assist in the preparation of the event as well as to man the registration desk the day of the event.  They will also be some needed for stations on the course for special events. 

We need sponsors!  Sponsors will benefit from the event with advertisement to people who can use their services.  Sponsors can be from healthcare agencies such as, home health, hospice, hospitals, etc.  But we need help securing donations from non-healthcare sponsorships as well. Consider asking for donations from financial advisors, banks, stores, etc.  Everyone can benefit by advertising their name or company name in front of sponsors and attendees.  Sponsors can advertise as inexpensively as $150 by having their sign on a hole.  We also have several levels of sponsorships including sponsors for lunch, drinks, towels, awards, and special events.     

We need donations!  We will need bottled water, soft drinks, snacks, and prizes. 

We will be sending out a form for volunteer sign up along with detailed sponsorship levels. 

Remember, the foundation is a 501 (c) 3 organization and is tax exempt.  So, any donations will be tax deductible. Be looking for more information soon but remember to SAVE THE DATE (June 12, 2020).