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HB276 - Call to Action

Posted over 1 year ago by Kathy Baldridge

HB276 to allow NPs to have Global Signature Authority in Louisiana has caught the attention of opponents. 
To those of you that have sent in your stories -- THANK YOU!  It is obvious that you are passionate about your patients. Thank you for advocating!
I want to clarify a few things:  Home Health Orders and orders for Diabetic Shoes are issues that have to be resolved through CMS, which is at the Federal Level. Unfortunately, state government has no authority in those issues.  I do encourage you to go to AANP and send letters to your Senators and Representatives at the Federal Level. 
We still NEED more stories!! I specifically need stories on the La-POST forms (Physician/Provider Orders for Scope of Treatment) and other forms that you have issues with such as:  sports physicals, surgery clearance, etc. Every story matters...
Also, if you could testify next Tuesday, please let me know. So far, I haven't had anyone that could testify.
Email your story and willingness to testify to