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NP Student Survey Request: Bullying Screening Survey

Posted over 1 year ago

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According to a study performed by the CDC, Louisiana is ranked number one for reports of adolescent bullying (CDC, 2018).  Adolescence, ages eleven to nineteen years of age, are a difficult time due to the changes in physical, mental, and emotional changes.  It is this age group that has the highest reporting of bullying incidence.  The effects of bullying on both those being bullied and those bullying are noted to have long-lasting detrimental effects on an individual’s social, emotional, financial, and physical health.  Despite these findings, routine screening for bullying in the primary care setting continues to fall short with many identified barriers to the screening’s implementation.  This inadequacy demonstrates the need for improved guidelines and efficiency in the implementation of bullying screenings.

The purpose of this survey is to evaluate the attitudes of Louisiana nurse practitioners concerning bullying screening among the adolescent population, ages 11 to 19 years old.  The 16-question survey will be delivered using SurveyMonkey Inc. and should take less than four minutes to complete.  It will evaluate nurse practitioner attitudes toward bullying assessments in the adolescent population, current assessment tools, and identify barriers to assessment implementation.  The survey will provide a starting point for continued research into the proper implementation of bullying assessments and guideline creation for individuals 11 to 19 years of age.  Participation is voluntary and all participant information will be kept confidential and anonymous. 


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