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An Important Message from Our Health Policy Team

Posted over 2 years ago by Rebecca Thibodaux

Dear LANP members,

LANP has decided to pull back on this years attempt to chip away at Full Practice Authority. House Bill 483 was pulled by Representative Stagni at our bequest after we discovered that the physician groups would not let an honest debate be had on the Senate Floor a week earlier.  And that the passage of this bill, specifically with the amendments that needed to be added to include as many of you as possible, would not be successful this year.

While the appearance of pulling the bill may seem like a defeat; it's quite the contrary. There are many positives that came from introducing this type of bill this year. Among those positives is that it served to strengthen us as a group and reinvigorated our resolve to organize a campaign to push for full practice authority. Kathy Baldridge wrote a Letter to the Editor that speaks to just that.  

In the coming weeks, as we regroup, we'll be reaching out to you with a breakdown of this past session, what went right and what went wrong, coupled with plans for the 2019 session. 

We're looking forward to continuing this journey with you all. 


Mark Declouet

Health Policy Chair