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Student Survey Request Regarding Adverse Childhood Experiences

Posted over 2 years ago by Rebecca Thibodaux

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IRB Approval (1.8 MB)

Nurse Pratitioners of Louisiana,

My name is Anne Troy and I am a doctoral candidate at Southern University in Baton Rouge. I have been working as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner for 8 years at the CARE Center at Children’s Hospital. Through my work in child maltreatment I have heard daily the adverse childhood experiences of our children, as well as the challenges of healing. My PhD correlational study, that I have received IRB permission to pursue, will gather information on the constructs of adverse childhood experiences, forgiveness and compassion satisfaction in nurses.

The survey takes 5-10 minutes to complete. It consists of 10 questions on childhood experiences, 18 questions on forgiveness and 10 questions on compassion satisfaction. Several demographic questions complete the survey which will all be de-identified as information returns to me through Qualtrics.

Please assist me in generating new knowledge around these constructs. The consent is the first question as the survey opens.

Thank you for your time and concern for supporting nursing research.

Anne Troy FNP-BC Pediatric Forensic Nurse Practitioner