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FNP student survey on treatment of acute low back pain in adults.

Posted almost 3 years ago by Brent Thibodeaux

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Christian Bertrand and I am currently pursuing my
Masters Degree in Nursing with a concentration in Family Nurse Practitioner
through McNeese State University. I would like to invite you to actively
partake in this short electronic survey through the link provided below.
Your anonymity is protected through options selected by the researcher
during the engineering process of composing this survey analysis. I am
conducting a research project under the guidance and supervision of the
nursing faculty at McNeese State University. The sole purpose of this
survey is to assess Louisiana Nurse Practitioner’s knowledge of treating
acute low back pain among the adult clientele. Voluntary election to
participate in this vital research project will affirm your informed
consent. Participants who wish to contribute to this project may do so at
their own discretion either to the fullest extent, partial participation,
or may elect to defer involvement at any time. Deferment to access the
link, acknowledge this invitation, or withdrawing certain information will
not result in any forfeiture, preconceived notion, or loss of benefits
during this educational research phase. Minimal risks are associated with
this survey and estimated elapsed time of completion should not exceed 15
minutes of your time. Voluntary contributions to advanced nursing research
are key to the profession as a whole and your active involvement in this
process would be greatly appreciated. The allotted time frame for
completion of this analytical survey is from 10/27/2017 to 11/10/2017. Feel
free to contact me at (337) 581-2710 or the primary supervising
instructor, Dr. Deamma Harless, DNP, ACNP-BC at (337) 562-4187 during
normal business hours between 0800-1700 Monday-Friday with any questions,
comments, or concerns related to this educational research project. If you
wish to proceed and participate in this survey just click the hyperlink

Christian Bertrand, RN, BSN, FNP-Student

Click here for the survey