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Request for APRN Research Survey Participation: Smokeless Tobacco Dependence & Treatment

Posted about 4 years ago by Julie S. Gayle

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Your participation in the research survey is requested:

Purpose: This purpose of this survey is to aid in the collection of data to assess the knowledge and practice styles of tobacco dependence and treatment, specifically smokeless tobacco, among APRN’s practicing in Louisiana. The findings from this survey have the potential to aid in the formation of new topics for future research in regards to practice guidelines and medication use in the treatment of smokeless tobacco dependence.

Research Question: “Are APRNs in Louisiana following tobacco screening guidelines and clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of smokeless tobacco dependence?”

Risks: Answering this survey is not likely to cause any significant risks. The only risks foreseen in this survey are time loss from filling out the survey, inconvenience to the subject completing the survey, and the possibility of psychological or mental disturbance while completing the survey. The likelihood and seriousness of the risks above are considered low. The estimated time to complete this survey is 15-20 minutes and subjects participating in the study are able to withdraw at any point if they feel uncomfortable and there are no personal questions asked.

Benefits: The benefit of participation in completing the survey will be the generation of knowledge of APRN's practice with treating smokeless tobacco dependence. It may also generate future topics for smokeless tobacco cessation research.

Anonymity/Confidentiality: No personal data will be recorded while be completing this survey, including email addresses and IP addresses.

Consent: By participating and completing this survey you are giving your implied consent for participation and agree that you are completing this survey voluntarily.

Link to survery:

This survey is being performed by Jonathan Yellott, RN, FNP-Student, who is currently pursuing a Master’s in the Science of Nursing at McNeese State University under the supervision of Dr. Tari Dilks, DNP, who is an instructor at McNeese State University. You may contact either party with any questions or concerns.

Contact Information:
Jonathan Yellott, RN, FNP-Student
Phone: 337-274-3940

Contact Information:
Dr. Tari Dilks, DNP
Phone: 337-475-5840