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NP Practice Autonomy & CPAs: A Brief Student Research Survey Request

Posted almost 4 years ago by Julie S. Gayle

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As graduate students at Northwestern State University, we are nearing the end of our graduate course work to become family nurse practitioners and are working on our paper in lieu of a thesis. We would love to have your help by completing this short questionnaire by clicking here at  We are determining the perception of autonomy of nurse practitioners in states with a collaborative practice agreement and those in states without a collaborative practice agreement. 

Participation is voluntary and no cost to the participant. Completion of this survey is interpreted as consent to participate in the study. You may terminate this survey at any time without any consequences. The information obtained is confidential and cannot be traced back to the participant. No conflicts of interest exist within this study. The researchers will be studying the effects of a collaborative practice agreement on nurse practitioners’ perceived autonomy.
The researchers conducting the study are Caitlin Copes, Ashley Davis, Jamie Golemon, and Hannah Porter. For questions or concerns regarding this study, or to request study results, please contact:  Ashley Davis at, or at (318) 413-0507.
Thank you