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More Volunteer Opportunities

Posted almost 4 years ago by Rebecca Thibodaux

If anyone is interested in volunteering their services....

LSU Field House: there are only a few pediatric patients, Dr. Amy Wood and Dr. Jim Wood are going to see those children now

Lamar Dixon Center:
Has opened, currently there are not a lot of pediatric patients there that need medical care. Drs. Amy and Jim Wood were there earlier today.

They have family medicine help at this site. Only need help during daylight hours. Can use some Pediatric support intermittently, Dr. Chheda and Dr. Shah were there today.

Celtic Center:
Please see list of supplies potentially needed. Also please bring your stethoscopes and otoscopes (with otoscope tips) if available. Bring a resource for medication dosing. Also see list of needed supplies. Medical Command is at Stage 6. FYI they turn down the lights at 10pm.

River Center:
Continued need for Pediatric help. For now we are sending residents to either Celtic and/or River Center. We will be depending on the sign up geniuses to help keep track of pediatric providers. Bring your medical license and driver's license.