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Health Policy Update: Today at 2pm *Updated*

Posted about 4 years ago by Rebecca Thibodaux

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Last night, we sent a list of several legislators who may still need additional information and contacts from NPs in support of SB 187.  

At 2:00pm today, when the House convenes, we are asking NPs to call these legislators via the House floor switchboard at 225-342-6945. (You may have to call a few times to individually speak to each of the legislators.) If the switchboard is able to connect you, this line will go directly to the Representative's desk on the House floor.

New list - Call these legislators (some may be duplicates)

Contact info:

  • Cromer
  • Hollis
  • Emerson
  • Jefferson
  • Jenkins
  • Landry
  • Leger
  • Pearson
  • Schexneyder
  • Talbot
  • Horton
  • Edmonds
  • Davis
  • Dwight
  • Harris
  • Pylant
  • Seabaugh

We have been told from our lobby team that the legislators are saying that they have not heard from nurse practitioners but they have heard from physicians. When you call, ask for their support of SB 187 and politely let them know that we have been calling their district offices and that you are calling today to make sure they were contacted.

We will keep everyone informed of any new developments.  If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know. Email us at

We thank you for your continued support!