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Health Policy Update: Must See Video

Posted about 4 years ago by Rebecca Thibodaux

In case you missed it, this is a video snippet of the Senate Health & Welfare Committee Hearing that took place on NP Day, March 30, 2016.  

We'll let this video speak for itself.

We will be sharing more videos on social media very soon.  We will be asking you to share them.  So please watch for those to come out.  

In the meantime, it is critical that you:

1. Call your legislator's office today and ask for their support! Find your legislators contact information here.

2. Get Patients Involved! Click Here

3. Last but not least, you can also send a votervoice message. Click here to take action!

4. Communicate with us. Let us know if you have been able to connect with your Representative so we can communicate this with our lobbyists. Email us at

As always, if anyone has any questions or feedback, please contact us via email at We will continue to post information and announcements as needed.

Thank you for your patience and continued support!