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Health Policy Alert: SB 187--What you Should Know Before Tomorrow's Hearing

Posted over 4 years ago by Rebecca Thibodaux

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In advance of tomorrow's committee hearing, we want you to be aware of the items below:

1. Despite what you may hear Senate Bill 187 is not a scope of practice issue. The removal of the CPA will not allow nurse practitioners to do anymore today than they can do tomorrow.

2. There were several articles in major newspapers throughout Louisiana stating that nurse practitioners cannot see Medicare patients without a collaborative practice agreement. (See attached article.)  This is complete misinformation.  The rules are based on state legislation. Without a CPA, NPs can get reimbursed. Please see the attached NP Medicare Rules.

3. Please encourage all of the nurse practitioners that can make it tomorrow to come in white lab coats.  

In addition, HCR73 by Representative Dustin Miller and Tom Willmott, will be introduced in the House Chamber Tuesday afternoon (convene at 2:00 p.m.).  HCR73 recognizes the week of May 6 through 12, 2016, as Nurses Week in Louisiana.  We are asking for as many nurses as possible to be in attendance to be recognized by the House Chamber. 

Thank you for all your efforts!  The support we've received from nurse practitioners and all of our nursing colleagues and stakeholders from across the state has been tremendous!  Let's keep up the great work!