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SB 187 Did NOT Pass the Senate Today - UPDATE

Posted over 4 years ago by Rebecca Thibodaux

UPDATE: SB187 will be reconsidered on the Senate floor on Monday.  Do NOT contact any legislator who voted "nay" with any sort of negative message.  With some additional modifications to the bill, we can still possibly get the bill passed.  We may still need their vote on Monday.  We encourage you to thank those who voted for the bill.   And we thank you for your patience as we contintue to keep everyone informed of a very eventful day.

We thank you for all your hard work—phone calls, emails, faxes, etc. Unfortunately, SB 187 did NOT pass the Senate floor (19 yeas - 17 nays).  We needed 20 votes to pass. Click here to view how your legislator voted.

We will keep everyone posted on our next steps with legislation.