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URGENT! Today the Louisiana State Senate will vote on SB 187!

Posted over 4 years ago by Rebecca Thibodaux

Please call the legislators below and urge their support of this important measure. These legislators are "on the fence" and need to be contacted ASAP!  

We need the bill to pass today in order to move forward!  Also, if you are able to go to the Capitol today, please do so and contact Buzz Jeansonne at 337-793-7927.  Every effort counts!

We also encourage you to ask patients to call and urge their support of SB 187.

  • John Alario - 504-340-2221
  • Sharon Hewitt - 985-646-6490
  • Gary Smith - 985-764-9122
  • Gerald Long - 318-628-5799
  • Eddie Lambert- 225-673-5048
  • John Milkovich - 318-676-7877
  • Beth Mizell - 985-839-3936
  • Page Cortez- 337-993-7430
  • Neil Riser - 318-649-0977

Communicate the following:

  • My name is __________.  I am a nurse practitioner (NP) serving ___(#)___ Louisiana patients per month.

  • I'm calling to urge Senator _____ to vote YES TODAY to SB 187 by Senator Regina Barrow.

  • I am a member of a large population of nurse practitioners paying close attention to how Senators are voting on the most important NP bill of their term.

  • SB 187 does NOT expand the scope of practice for nurse practitioners.

  • If successful, SB 187 would only eliminate the collaborative practice agreement. The same services provided by nurse practitioners today, are the same services we will provide if the bill is passed.

  • Collaborative agreements have NO demonstrated benefits on patient health or safety outcomes. In fact, research has found that patient health outcomes are better where the mandated agreement has been eliminated.