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Research Participation Opportunity: APRN Perception of Diagnosis & Treatment of ADHD

Posted over 4 years ago by Julie S. Gayle

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You are being invited to participate in a research survey by Chance Arceneaux FNP-Student and Dr. Sattaria S Dilks, DNP, APRN, FAANP from McNeese State University's graduate school of nursing. This research survey will be conducted to provide insight to the perception of APRN's toward diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in preschool children. The project is part of a graduate focused scholarly project with an aim to further understand the ADHD diagnosis and treatment regimen in primary care in Louisiana. You were selected to participate in this study based on your active membership in the Louisiana Association of Nurse Practitioners (LANP). To participate in this survey you must be able to read and write in English, as well as, be a licensed APRN.

A 15-question survey will be attached to this invitation accessible through the hyperlink. We ask that it be completed and submitted by April 5, 2016. The information received will be greatly appreciated and kept confidential at all times. Information obtained during the study will remain anonymous. The researcher and faculty member will utilize the collected data only for the study and all information will be appropriately discarded upon the conclusion of the study.

The participation in this study is optional. Implied consent will be obtained by evidence of your participation in the completed survey. Prior to conducting this survey, the researcher was granted approval from McNeese State University's Institutional Review Board (see attached). If you have inquiries regarding participation in the survey or the study please contact Chance Arceneaux at (337) 912-5683 or Dr. Sattaria S Dilks, DNP, APRN, FAANP at (337) 475-5840. We may also be contacted by email at or Thank you for your time. I look forward to your responses.

To complete this survey please click the link provided:

Chance Arceneaux, FNP Student McNeese State University