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Letter to LANP Members

Posted over 4 years ago by Brent Thibodeaux


As a member of LANP you help to unite all APRNs across the great state of Louisiana. Our organization strives for excellence and is the backbone behind our model of "Not Just Healthcare, Exceptional Care!" Your board of directors is asking for your support to maintain current members and encourage new members to join. With increasing membership, LANP focuses our efforts on providing you with the benefits you deserve, some of which include the annual conference and legislative pursuits.

In addition, there are several opportunities within each region that you can make a difference! For instance, obtaining CE programs through Pharma reps has become increasing difficult over the last several years with new rules and stipulations. So, we are asking our membership to share their expertise with others and present a teaching topic for CE credit. This is a great opportunity for exposure among colleagues and a great value add for members! These presentations can be held either before or after the hosting presentation, just contact your regional representative to schedule. Or, you can assist your region in other ways, for example obtaining sponsors for monthly meetings, offering to volunteer or creating events in your region to develop awareness.

Lastly, when monthly dinner meetings are sponsored by various Pharma groups, seating limitation is often determined by the hosting sponsor. When a seating limitation is set, the sponsor pays for the number of dinners whether or not members attend. As a professional courtesy, please cancel your RSVP if you are not able to attend prior to the event. This allows others to fill your place and prevents uneaten meals. I will be happy to speak to you should you have any questions.

Once again, LANP is an excellent organization for nurse practitioners. LANP strives for excellent care. Can we count on you to help us out?


Brent Thibodeaux, MSN, FNP-BC
LANP Vice President


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